Summer Reading

Can you believe it’s already the middle of August and summer will be ending soon? What better way is there to end the summer than with great reads at the beach? Let Highland Farms help you “book” it to the beach!

Luckily , Fall River is the home to over ten bookstores and you are destined to find the books you are curious about reading. You can find all ten bookstores here.

What good is having a bookstore if you don’t know what to read for your next literary adventure? As we all know, reading is something everyone enjoys, and you are bound to find a bevy of good reads at one of Fall River’s bookstores.

Amazon announced its selection for best books of 2019 so far. Check out the list of books here and make your pick.

Don’t hesitate to grab one of these titles at your local bookstore!

The best part about finding new books to read in the summertime is finding the coolest outdoor spots to read them, such as the beach. Fall River is an area that has a ton of beaches at your disposal. Feel free to take a stroll down the coasts of Brayton Point or Sandy Beach, which are both in Fall River. Make sure to go soak up all the Vitamin-D at the beach. Why not visit Sandy Beach after loading up on sunscreen, get a tan, and finish a book, all in the same day? We all have to make sure that we take advantage of the sun while we’re still allowed to enjoy it. The fall season is going to sneak up on all of us before we know it; your summer reading adventures await!