Stay in Shape

As we kick off the New Year, we also begin our resolutions. One of the most popular choices, and certainly one of the most difficult, is getting back into shape and staying that way. This is especially true after all the holiday treats! Whether you’re into an old fashion gym, or intrigued by new workout trends, there are plenty of fitness facilities around Fall River, home to Highland Farms, to try!

Crunch Gym, nestled in Fall River, is a judgement-free facility who has fused fitness and entertainment together to create some serious exercise fun! Best known for the colorful atmosphere and “kickass” group fitness classes, Crunch offers everything you desire. Their off-the-wall classes are hardcore sweat-fests designed to get you moving, grooving, and burning fat and calories in every way imaginable! Each class falls into one of six categories – body sculpting, spinning, cardio and dance, mind body burn, action, and small group training. Memberships start at $9.95, making this gym very affordable!

Burn Boot Camp is designed for the busy parent, the boss lady, the super dad, or anyone constantly on the go! The Burn Boot Camp, located in Fall River, provides workouts designed to maximize your results in only 45 minutes! The average burn is 700 calories per camp! They also offer “focus meetings”, which is one-on-one between client and trainer. These meetings consist of nutrition, performance, lifestyle, and weight management goals. With a membership, you can visit any Burn Boot Camp across the country. They also have free Saturday camps, so make sure to invite your family/friends to join!

Pro Fitness, also located within Fall River, offers a general fitness gym, kid’s martial arts, adult MMA, group fitness, functional fitness, and weight training. Their equipment is continuously updated, and their price for membership is unbeatable. If you’re looking for a kick-start to getting back into shape, they offer a 6-week challenge. This program consists of kickboxing, three classes of your choosing per week, and private one-on-one sessions with a coach to help you stay on track, analyze your nutrition, and refine your techniques.

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