New Year Resolutions for New Home Owners

Every year, millions use the change of the year to improve their lives. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes – quitting a bad habit, focusing on yourself, learning a new skill, and really anything one wants it to be. This may be a big year for you; maybe you moved, or you bought your first home. The team at Highland Farms has gathered together our top 3 easiest resolutions for home owners.

Lose the weight!

We’re not talking about dieting and exercising, we’re talking about cutting energy use. In general, houses gobble up energy like a starved elephant! Gain control of those bills by trimming down energy usage. One of the easiest beginner steps is to switch your incandescent light bulbs to LED ones. Other simple tasks are to make sure to turn off lights when you leave a room, turn down the air conditioner when you leave the house, or to turn the heater down to 55-60 degrees at night.

Let go of clutter!

Every year most of us acquire a mountain of things. We keep building and building our storage closets up with things we most likely aren’t necessities. Begin reorganizing your life by reorganizing your home.  Take time during a weekend to periodically go room-by-room to clear out anything you don’t use, wear, or love, then donate it to charity. Click here to learn about the best places near Fall River to donate these items!


After you’ve decluttered, set up a weekly cleaning schedule assuring everyone in the household is contributing to a nice, refreshing home. A few tips we suggest are insuring dishes are in the dishwasher every night. Dirty clothes go in the hamper every day, and clean items are hung in the closet or properly stored away. Short on time? It’s possible to get the whole house cleaned in approximately 45-minutes by splitting up the cleaning according to Jeff Campbell, author of the book Speed Cleaning, and owner of the Clean Team Housekeeping service in San Francisco.

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