January is Here!

January is here and we are ready to take the bull by the horns! Highland Farms and Fall River is here to help you make the most of your January and most importantly, give you, something to boast about. Now that all the celebrations are all finished, make some quality time for you and your loved ones to bond more over friendly town events. Everyone love options and Fall River and it can be difficult to make final decisions on which events would be the best idea. Advisors Living has done all the work for you and you will have the best January itinerary at your disposal.

Paint Night:

Let’s get creative! As you know, Arts & Crafts are extremely good for the soul. Fall River has the perfect event for you and it doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an avid artist. Grab your friends or a significant other and unleash your inner artist at ‘Paint Nite: The Original Paint & Sip Party’. Take this opportunity to get more involved with your creative side. Come on down to Berta’s Restaurant Tapas and Bar and get a good meal in before or after you paint. You’ll be provided with all the materials you need ranging from a canvas, paint, brushes and aprons. You will also be guided by a talented and entertaining artist as you create your masterpiece. This would be the perfect event for a Date Night with your spouse, Girls night out/Friends night out, post Happy Hour activity with coworkers, Team Building, or even a solo night of drinks and creativity. This event is guaranteed to assist you in surprising yourself with the amazing piece you create. We promise you’ll have a blast during the whole process. For more details about this event click, here.

Wine, Women & Music:

If you are looking for the perfect event to Wine & Dine, come to Cove Restaurant and make sure you are a part of this fantastic event. This will be a very Classy Event that you and all your girlfriends won’t want to miss. You’ll be fed extremely well with Arugula Beet Salad & Chicken Coq Au Vin. For dessert, everyone can enjoy Raspberry Mousse with shredded dark chocolate. Check out more specific detail for Wine, Women & Music, here.

Chinese New Year Celebration:

It is the Year of the Rat. In the spirit of New Years, Fall River will be celebrating Chinese New Year this week. This is the perfect event for kids to finish up and learn about a new culture. It is common for kids and toddlers to get left out of all the fun adults have. With that being said, why not kill two birds with one stone and give your child a fun experience while also making sure to educate them on cultures that differ from their own. You and your kids will be able to make party hats in the shape of the critters, and they will hear the old folktale ‘Why Rat Comes First: A Story of the Chinese New Year’ by Clara Yen. You will also be able to win prizes in the raffle and of course, fortune cookies. Overall, this would be the perfect chance for you and the kids to spend a little quality time and be festive at the same time. 

Fall River has exactly what you need to kick 2020 off the right way. This is the perfect place for you to buy a home as you will always be active in the community while enjoying the Luxury Homestyle or our units here at Highland Farms. Let’s get 2020 started people!

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