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Local Turkey Farmers near Fall River

As Thanksgiving approaches, the craziness begins. Who’s bringing the turkey, who’s handling the stuffing; you can’t forget to make Grandma’s famous pie either! With all this settling in, it’s important to purchase your holiday turkey from a local farmer! It’s a healthier option, supports the local economy, and not to mention, the taste is far superior! We’ve gathered a few locations near Highland Farms for you to purchase a local turkey for Thanksgiving!

DaSilva Farm, located in Berkley, is a brief 15-minute drive from Highland Farms. DaSilva focuses on sustainable farming practices by rotational grazing their poultry through chemical-free pastures. The farmers raise heritage breed turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. They roam freely, and forage the chemical-free pastures. They’re also fed high quality Non-GMO project verified grain in addition to a pasture diet. To make it convenient, DaSilva Farms has an option to pre-order your holiday turkey online!

Copicut Farms in Dartmouth, approximately a 16-minute drive from Highland Farms. The farm’s mission is to provide the community with only the healthiest and highest quality meats and eggs possible. They treat their animals and environment with the utmost respect and care. Similar to DaSilva, Copicut Farms also raise all of their animals outdoors giving the animals constant access to chemical-free pastures. Copicut Farms also encourages pre-order reservations through their website. They offer multiple pickup locations including at their farm, but also designated spots in Hingham, Plymouth, Cambridge, and Lexington!

Cyra’s Farm, in Little Compton, Rhode Island, is a convenient 30-minute drive from Highland Farms. This small family farm raises antibiotic free turkeys that have been strictly organically fed. They raise two types of turkeys’ – Heritage Narragansett and Heirloom Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys. Heritage Narragansett contain an exceptionally tasty flavor to their meat. The birds are small to medium sized, and consist of more dark meat than white. Their counterpart, the Heirloom Broad Breasted Bronze turkey is certainly excellent tasting as well, but the bird’s size ranges from medium to large. These bigger turkeys are mostly white and breast meat. Cyra’s Farm makes ordering thanksgiving turkeys easy by allowing you to select the type and size on their website.

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