Cool Down With a Cone!

It is no secret that the summer temperatures are rising; July has been a scorcher and August is sure to bring more heat. The neighborhood in which Highland Farms resides will no doubt follow this hot trend, so residents need to find suitable ways to beat the heat. Here are some options: take a cold shower. Run through a sprinkler. Move to the North Pole. Run up your air conditioning bill. Have an ice cream. Ice cream? Yes, ice cream. Visit one of these local creameries and chiiiiill.

Somerset Creamery – County Street

This family-owned creamery has been serving fresh, homemade ice cream cones since 1937. Try one of their signature flavors or opt for a frozen yogurt – you’ve got plenty of leeway here. Make sure to get a homemade waffle cone and always leave room for jimmies!

Newport Creamery

Their slogan is ‘Good Mood Food’… that’s reason enough to visit. While they also serve lunch and dinner options, the dessert menu is where the real magic happens: there are frappes. There are super chippers. There are root beer floats. There is frozen yogurt, sherbet, and a sundae with your name on it. P.S. There is also regular, delicious ice cream for the traditionalists.

J-Petal Japanese Crepe and Thai Ice Cream

Have you had Thai ice cream? Are you ready to try Thai ice cream? With flavors like lychee and banana Nutella, you won’t be disappointed. Add free toppings to your heart’s content, then drizzle your ice cream with something delicious, like chocolate syrup or condensed milk.

Simcock Farm

Come pet the cows, ponies, donkeys, or goats – but wash your hands before you touch the ice cream! The farm also has its own sunflower maze that opens at the end of summer, so you can admire the beautiful flowers while enjoying your rum raisin (because you have a refined palette). Apparently, the portions are so large that a small is considered ambitious. Challenge accepted!

Bring a friend, bring your dog (pupsicle, anyone?), bring yourself – everyone benefits when a frozen treat is on the menu. Summertime is about sun, relaxation, and trying to stay cool. Luckily, ice cream always does the trick. Eat your cone quickly lest it melt, but watch out for brain freeze!