Summer Reading

Can you believe it’s already the middle of August and summer will be ending soon? What better way is there to end the summer than with great reads at the beach? Let Highland Farms help you “book” it to the beach!

Cool Down With a Cone!

It is no secret that the summer temperatures are rising; July has been a scorcher and August is sure to bring more heat. The neighborhood in which Highland Farms resides will no doubt follow this hot trend, so residents need to find suitable ways to beat the heat. Here are some options: take a cold shower. Run through a sprinkler. Move to the North Pole. Run up your air conditioning bill. Have an ice cream. Ice cream? Yes, ice cream. Visit one of these local creameries and chiiiiill.

Summertime in the Parks – Exploring Fall River

As the official start of summer is near, it is time that to prepare your itinerary for activities to partake in for the season of flowers and sunshine. What better time of year is there to spend outdoor time with family and friends? Picnicking has always been a lovely idea for quality time; why not take a chance to enjoy the sunshine and satisfy your appetite in the process? Fall River has over 20 parks to choose to spend time in over the summer which in turn accounts for approximately 172 acres of park land at your disposal. Below you will find a list of four outstanding parks you should consider visiting this summer: