Stay in Shape

Every year, millions use the change of the year to improve their lives. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes – quitting a bad habit, focusing on yourself, learning a new skill, and really anything one wants it to be. This may be a big year for you; maybe you moved, or you bought your first home. The team at Highland Farms has gathered together our top 3 easiest resolutions for home owners.

Gobble, Gobble Locally

As Thanksgiving approaches, the craziness begins. Who’s bringing the turkey, who’s handling the stuffing; you can’t forget to make Grandma’s famous pie either! With all this settling in, it’s important to purchase your holiday turkey from a local farmer! It’s a healthier option, supports the local economy, and not to mention, the taste is far superior! We’ve gathered a few locations near Highland Farms for you to purchase a local turkey for Thanksgiving!

Back to School in Fall River

Fall River, home to strong historic ties and modern community life, also has strong educational institutions. In a family-driven town, it is extremely important to acknowledge and appreciate those who make the schooling foundations strong. We have gathered a list of some of the top public schools in Fall River, home to Highland Farms.