Holiday Itinerary

November is almost over and it is officially Thanksgiving in Fall River. It is imperative that we make sure to have our Holiday itinerary in order as that will ensure a Holiday well spent. Fall River is here and will do everything in its power to make this Holiday season as special as ever.

Halloween Party Season

October is a season of thrills, chills and scares. Halloween season is upon us and Fall River is the ultimate destination; offering plenty of exciting activities to get you into the spooky spirit. Whether you are looking for a day of family fun in a pumpkin patch or a night out at a haunted house with friends; Fall River is your thrill destination.

New Year Resolutions for New Home Owners

Every year, millions use the change of the year to improve their lives. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes – quitting a bad habit, focusing on yourself, learning a new skill, and really anything one wants it to be. This may be a big year for you; maybe you moved, or you bought your first home. The team at Highland Farms has gathered together our top 3 easiest resolutions for home owners.

Get into The Holiday Spirit, Fall River!

Can you believe it’s already Christmas time again? It feels like the past year flew by, and quicker than most. Regardless, it’s one of our personal favorite times of the year to celebrate. There’s always so much fun to do with family, and after it all, everyone will be sound asleep dreaming of sugar plums! We’ve gathered a few of our choices happening in Fall River, home to Highland Farms.